Fees and Reports


Bluestone's fees are based on the amount under management in each client relationship. The standard fee is 1% of the total market value of each managed account. The standard minimum account size is $3 million. Reduced fee rates are offered on accounts larger than $3 million. Fees are payable in advance and billed at the end of each quarter. Fees are negotiable.

A detailed report is sent to each client at the end of every quarter. This report shows the current value of the client's account, the asset allocation, the current security positions, and, for each security held, the cost, current market value, estimated annual interest and dividend income, if any. Additionally, performance reports are generated to show the time-weighted rate of return on the client's portfolio over specified time periods.

Clients receive monthly statements from the brokerage firm or bank where their securities are held. We review for accuracy all confirmations and monthly statements received from our clients' custodians.


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